The Center for Biodiversity Purchased at Joseph Pines Preserve!!!

From 2014 Winter Newsletter

On August 15, 2014 Meadowview closed on the purchase of the Center for Biodiversity at Joseph Pines Preserve. The purchase was accomplished with a $50,000 grant from the Mary Morton Parsons Foundation, member donations, revenue from selective timber harvest for longleaf pine restoration, and a $140,000 mortgage loan from Union First Market Bank. Donations are welcome to support the monthly mortgage loan of $917.


We had originally hoped to purchase the 51 acre Schwartz tract as the biodiversity center, but lost our purchase option due to activation of a kick out clause by a competing buyer. We simply weren’t able to raise enough foundation or donor support in a timely manner to acquire the Schwartz property (see spring 2014 newsletter for why we need enhanced fund raising for land acquisition). However, in an ironic twist of fate, the same day the Schwartz contract negotiations fell through, another property meeting most of our needs came up for sale. We consulted with The Mary Morton Parsons Foundation and our grant award was reapplied to purchase this property.


The Center for Biodiversity at Joseph Pines Preserve is located at 22515 Cabin Point Rd. and adjoins our 36 acre Conservation Forestry tract. A grand opening was held on October 11. We have a number of events and activities planned for 2015. Details about the center are on the “Prospectus” link on our Joseph Pines section at The Center is now completely furnished, thanks to several member donations. We’re already busy flagging and cutting the trails from the Center into the Joseph Pines Preserve for our next tour.

Read more in the 2014 Winter Newsletter.




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