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We have a vice president and two Horticulturist intern positions open. The intern positions run from May 18 – August 02 and come with room and board provided at the research station. The internship comes with a monthly stipend of $250, free lodging at the Center or headquarters, and garden privileges from the intern vegetable garden.  We encourage interested candidates to arrange a weekend to visit and/or volunteer at Meadowview as part of the application process.

The vice-president will be trained in all aspects of Meadowview operations with the ultimate goal of filling the president position.  The vice-presidential candidate will spend one year in an intern position, with supporting room and board, and move to official vice-president upon successful completion of training. The ideal vice-president candidate will have a masters degree in ecology with some business background.

Considering these are challenging economic times, this may be a fairly attractive offer to someone in the right circumstances. The offer of room and board provides basic support and then you get the chance to work at a great conservation organization. The vice-president candidate should have some background in wildlife, conservation, or general biology. A bachelors degree is required but work experience may be substituted if our criteria are met.


Meadowview Horticulturist Intern (2 Openings)
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For information on the Vice President position first consult our Corporate By-Laws (6.5 & 6.6) and then contact















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