Restoration Ecologist Intership

Hosting Organization Meadowview Biological Research Station
8390 Fredericksburg Tnpk.
Woodford, VA 22580.
+1 804 633 4336
Number of positions 3 internships
Location The Center for Biodiversity at Joseph Pines Preserve, Sussex County, VA and Meadowview headquarters in Caroline County, VA
Start/End Date May 18 – July 31, 2018
Compensation The internship comes with a monthly stipend of $250, free lodging at the Center or headquarters, and garden privileges from the intern vegetable garden.
To apply Complete applications include application form, cover letter, resume, transcripts, three letters of reference, and a VA State Police Sex Offender and Criminal History background check (SP-167), for


Position Description & Requirements

The Restoration Ecologist Intern position is designed for a current biology student or a college graduate with a degree in the biological sciences. Minimum GPA requirement is 3.2. The intent of the program is to train the individual in the five step process of Meadowview Biological Research Station including discovery, propagation, research, reintroduction, and education. The work for two interns will focus on Meadowview’s Center for Biodiversity and adjoining 232 acre Joseph Pines Preserve. The third intern will work at Meadowview headquarters, nursery, Central Virginia Preserve, and will participate in educational outreach with a local environmental non-profit (Downtown Greens in Fredericksburg, Virginia). The intern must: be able to produce well written reports; be in excellent physical condition; lift 50 pounds; possess a valid driver’s license and have an insured motor vehicle; be familiar and proficient with scientific methods, techniques, and tools. A focus of intern activity in 2018 will be on research to test the hypothesis that “Healthy Pitcher Plants Mean Healthy Water”. Meadowview expects a well rounded individual who can work with the public and represent the organization in a professional manner. No smoking or pets are allowed. The intern must supply a composition notebook and make daily notes of activities and accomplishments in a manner consistent with acceptable scientific standards. The notebook becomes a historical record of the intern work at Meadowview and becomes the property of Meadowview at the completion of the internship. The intern must arrive prepared with steel toed work boots, gloves, safety glasses, work clothing, and Permethrin 0.5% (Repel or similar product) tick repellant for field work. The intern will be expected to read and critique scientific articles on a weekly basis. The intern must receive a grade of B to successfully pass the Meadowview intern program.


Interns will be evaluated based on testing through weekly quizzes (10%), maintaining cleanliness in the workplace (10%), notebook (10%), mid-term (30%), and final (40%).

Specific Duties