1. Discovery

Pitcher Plant Bogs of the Southeast
Discovery involves identifying new bogs or seepage areas which contain rare bog species. Meadowview biologists have an active field schedule and have found several new populations of bog species at the edge of their range in Maryland and Virginia.

We are featuring links to exceptional pitcher plant bogs of the southeast that are publicly available and protected. If you have a site you would like to nominate please contact us. In addition to our guide you can also find out about the Virginia Birding Trail, champion longleaf pine, and other interesting sites within the respective states. When visiting these wild sites please obey the various local, state, and federal laws prohibiting plant collection so that others may enjoy these natural treasures.




Pitcher Plants Are For The Birds!!
There are some interesting features to this Audubon print of Sarracenia and mergansers. Although great artistic license was taken in making the painting (the juxtaposition of pitcher plants in a salt march with a northern bird) there are some reasons to think that the featured pitcher plant is Sarracenia oreophila, a Federally Endangered species. Our reason for thinking this is that the pitcher plant illustrated has the following traits of S. oreophila:

1. plant in flower and foliage at the same time
2. wide ala and hood ornamentation characteristic of S.  oreophila
3. throat veing and purple blushing characteristic of S. oreophila

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