Letter from the President - Pitchers for the Public!

Dear Members and Friends:

The past several years have been a period of tremendous growth for Meadowview. We have waited to release a newsletter until we completed and finalized the Joseph Pines expansion - a three year process. I have also been extremely busy with Meadowview work after the successful completion of my Ph.D. in Ecological Sciences from Old Dominion University in 2010. This newsletter is focused on our preserve expansions, why they are important, and what you and others can do to help. Upcoming newsletters will brief you on other ex-citing field, educational, research, and infrastructure work. Meanwhile, check Meadowview Biological Research Station out on Facebook and YouTube!

I can’t emphasize enough the importance of your financial contributions, whether by plant purchases, mem-bership donations, or membership renewals. We expended almost all our working capital to pay expenses associated with the Joseph Pines Preserve expansion’s loan requirements. For example, a survey and environmental report alone cost $5000. All of these Joseph Pines Preserve expansion expenses have drained money that otherwise would have been in the bank to get us through the slow time of winter. We need your help to maintain our general operations and fund loan payments ($7,435.00 due semi-annually on January and July 1 of each year) . We appreciate you continued support. Together we can keep up the momentum and truly make a difference. It is very satisfying to work together to prevent extinction, and to achieve tangible results that can be enjoyed by future generations!

This newsletter also emphasizes how our membership has come together to make Meadowview’s preservations efforts possible. One member has pledged $1000/month toward the Joseph Pines Preserve expansion note and has placed over $29,000 in a reserve escrow account required by our lender. This is a remarkable level of support and philanthropy. Members generous partnerships have made the Central Virginia Preserve concept a reality. We’ve updated our on-line donor lists for both Joseph Pines and the Central Virginia Preserve so you can see the many people and organizations that have donated for preserve acquisition. Whatever you can do to help support this effort is appreciated. It’s now even easier to donate since we’re including a donation form and envelope with this newsletter or you can go to our website and donate on-line. Many com-panies offer employer matching programs that can double your charitable contributions. This is a great way to make your donations go further! Check with your human resources department to determine whether your company has a corporate matching program (if not, you may be able to ask them to start one), and we will be happy to provide any information about our non-profit organization that is required.

We are working to continue preservation efforts with our new campaign, “Pitchers for the Public!”. Pitchers for the Public! reflects the public’s right to see beautiful, restored, pitcher plant ecosystems in Virginia. With support from you, government organizations, and private foundations, our preserves in southern and central Virginia are providing exemplary, native, pitcher plant beauty for the public to enjoy. Thank you for your support and we hope you can visit soon.

Phil Sheridan, Ph.D.

Director and President
Meadowview Biological Research Station





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Letter from the President - Pitchers for the Public!

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