Letter from the Community Supporting the Joseph Pines Preserve

From Fall 2013 Newsletter

Dear Dr. Sheridan:

The Humanities 211: Western Tidewater Cultural-Historical-Natural Landscape class and I cannot thank you enough for the tour of the Joseph Pines Preserve in Sussex County this past July 15. As you know, this course is used by Educators in grades K-12 towards their teacher recertification. Thus it is a very im-portant course to be offered by Paul D. Camp Community College.

The class received a wonderful overview of the educational and biodiversity goals which the Joseph Pines Preserve can offer to the public, particularly about rare plant conservation. The preserve is unique in its regional habitat restoration. The restoration of longleaf pine is fundamental to a better understanding of our area’s history, and has been so easily forgotten about. In fact, 18 rare plants and 3 animal taxa is an exciting restoration of the ecosystem.

Additionally, it is great to have the teachers realize that colonial and more recent history is also being investigated and explored. Our region does not separate easily from the natural to human historical association. There is so much to discover and learn in Western Tidewater. Appreciate you being a part of this effort.


Felice Hancock, B.A., M.A.
Adjunct Faculty
Paul D. Camp Community College




















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Letter from the Community Supporting the Joseph Pines Preserve

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