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Sarracenia - The Native American Series


Sarracenia flava "Powhatan"

Sarracenia flava "Powhatan"
This bold, solid clone reflects the power and pride of chief Powhatan. The flower is yellow, typical of normal yellow pitcher plant. The red color of the foliage is best developed under intense, sunny conditions. Powhatan was the ruler of the Algonquin tribe that occupied central Virginia when the colonists arrived in 1607.

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Sarracenia "Matoaka"

Sarracenia "Matoaka"
"Matoaka" means ―little snow feather and was the name commonly used by Pocahontas (Pocahontas was a private name rarely used in public). This beautiful cross of S. leucophylla and S. alabamensis ssp. wherryi has a soft pubescence covering the exterior of the pitcher. The upper portion of the leaf is speckled with small white windows interwoven with purple veins.


Sarracenia "Matoaka" (mature plant)






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