Philip Sheridan, Meadowview Biological Research Station

Over a two year the current and historical range of Sarracenia flava and S. purpurea was analyzed for the state of Virginia.  Data was compiled based on fieldwork, herbarium and bibliographic search and personal interviews.  Populations were examined for phenotypic variation and habitat preference.  The status of the taxon was also assessed.  Sarracenia flava was found to have occurred in eight counties with a total of seventeen populations.  Three sites were relocated in three counties and two new stations are reported for Dinwiddie County.  Sarracenia purpurea ranged over 14 counties with 19 populations.  Three historical stations were found in three counties with four new colonies in Sussex and one each in Caroline and Dinwiddie counties.  Sarracenia flava was found to have two color variants.   One form is reported with pure green leaves and the other with moderate purple veining.  Sarracenia purpurea was found to have a wide range in the size of the pitchers with deep purple venation of full sun plants.  Ideal habitat for both species was observed to be a springhead.  Recommended status for both species is threatened in Virginia.