Virginia Journal of Science 44: 122


A Relict Longleaf Pine (Pinus palustris Miller) Occurrence in Northern Southampton County, Virginia

Philip Sheridan, Meadowview Biological Research Station and Department of Biology, Virginia Commonwealth University



Forty-five individuals of longleaf pine occur in a mixed oak/pine forest on sandy uplands bordering Seacock Swamp.  This population and the Zuni pine barrens represent the northern limit for this species in Virginia.  Average tree circumference is 34 inches with extremes at 12 and 63 inches.  Sixteen trees are producing cones and no cones were observed on the rest of the population.  No seedlings have been found.  Average age of the longleaf pine population is 73 years.  Old, undecayed, resinous pine stumps with axe marks indicate turpentine operations once occurred on the site.  Original old growth longleaf is shown to be replaced by loblolly pines through fire exclusion and timber harvest practices.