Virginia Journal of Science 49(2): 57



Philip Sheridan1, John Scrivani2, Nancy Penick1, and Anne Simpson1.

1.  Meadowview Biological Research Station and
2.  Virginia Department of Forestry.


Longleaf pine is a fire resistant southern pine which reaches its northern limit in southeastern Virginia.  Longleaf pine has experienced a drastic reduction in acreage and a census was conducted to determine the number of trees left in Virginia.  Four thousand four hundred thirty two trees and 122 seedlings were counted in three counties.  Most trees ranged in diameter between 4 and 8 inches with the champion tree recorded in Suffolk County at 26 inches.  Longleaf pine is both a commercially valuable tree and a major component of southeastern fire maintained forest ecosystems.  Since remaining longleaf pine stands in Virginia represent only a fraction of the estimated original 1.8 million acres we recommend a restoration and reforestation effort within this trees historic range.