Meadowview Biological Research Station




Preserve Manager

Number of Positions



The Center for Biodiversity at Joseph Pines Preserve (a.k.a the Center), Sussex County, VA

Close Date on Application

June 30, 2016

Start Date

August 3l, 2016


$15,000/year for a two year term. Additional compensation includes a free place to live at the Center for Biodiversity with all utilities paid for, a large vegetable garden producing food to eat, two deep freezers for food storage, and hunting privileges on the adjoining Joseph Pines Preserve. Incentive pay may be added from proceeds of rare plant nursery. Development of rare plant nursery may create a longer term position.

To Apply

Please visit the Job Openings page for job application.  Complete applications include application form, cover letter, resume, college transcripts, three letters of reference, health report, and a VA State Police Sex Offender and Criminal History background check (SP-167).


Position Description & Requirements

The Meadowview Preserve Manager will primarily oversee activities on the 232 acre Joseph Pines Preserve in Sussex County, VA and occasionally assist with activities on our 17 acre Central Virginia Preserve in Caroline County, VA. The applicant should have a B.S. or B.A. degree in the biological sciences or a related field (e.g. wildlife management, conservation biology, etc.). Minimum GPA requirement is 3.2. The preserve manager should be knowledgeable in managing longleaf pine/pitcher plant ecosystems and have a record of having successfully worked in those areas with prescribed burning experience. Experience in agronomy or a plant nursery preferred. The preserve manager must: be able to produce well written reports; be skilled in the use of a computer including MS products such as Excel, Word, Publisher, Access and be competent in the use of social media such as Facebook; be in excellent physical condition and be able to lift 50 pounds; possess a valid driver’s license and have an insured motor vehicle; have a Virginia prescribed burn manager certificate from the Virginia Dept. of Forestry; have a Virginia applicators license for pesticides and herbicides; be skilled at using and maintaining equipment such as chainsaws, estate tractors, bush-hog, riding mowers, string trimmers, log splitters, etc.; have a basic knowledge and elementary proficiency in carpentry, plumbing, and electrical; be familiar and proficient with scientific methods, techniques, and tools; be neat, organized, and 1 consistently demonstrate that he/she can maintain the Center in a clean, organized, sanitary, and professional manner for staff, students, research fellows, and public use. Possess and demonstrate the aptitude and ability to work harmoniously and productively with staff, employees, and the public, representing Meadowview in an ethical and professional manner.

The Preserve Manager is expected to be prepared with proper field gear including: steel toed work boots, rubber boots, gloves, safety glasses, work clothing, and Permethrin (Repel or similar product) tick repellant for field work safety.


Specific Duties

We recognize that a potential candidate may not have every specific aspect mentioned in the job description. However, a successful candidate should possess as many of the specified attributes and qualifications as possible. Where deficiencies exist, an action plan will be developed and employment will be considered conditional. What we’re looking for is a person who is familiar with the ecosystem, willing to be trained in our methods or certified for prescribed fire or herbicide/pesticide application, and PASSIONATE about what we’re doing. If you think you have what it takes to perform this job, please contact us.

Questions?  Please contact or call 804-633-4336.

If you are interested in the position please contact Dr. Phil Sheridan at 804-633-4336 or by e-mail at