Meadowview Biological Research Station Conflict of Interest Policy

The purpose of this policy is to insure continued conformity by Meadowview Biological Research Station (MBRS or Meadowview) employees and Directors with the high ethical standards expected of them in carrying out their corporate responsibilities.   The policy of the organization requires that directors, officers and all employees avoid any conflict between their personal interests and the interests of MBRS in dealing with organizations or individuals doing or seeking to do business with Meadowview. 


The policy states four main kinds of circumstances in which conflicts exist and are therefore prohibited, and includes brief guidelines and examples to increase understanding and support of the policy.  It will be interpreted and applied in a uniform, objective and reasonable manner that will achieve its obvious purpose to avoid apparent or actual conflicts between personal and public service interests by individuals who serve through the organization.


All MBRS employees are expected to avoid conflict between the Meadowview and non-Meadowview interests.


A conflict of interest exists if an employee:


1. Approves a conflicted transaction to which he/she may be an interested party.

2. Obtains or personally benefits from a gift that is not in conformity with Meadowview policy (i.e. financial gift, trip, or items from current or potential donors or vendors).  Items over $50 value should be reported to the president.

3. Uses or makes available for anyone's benefit or advantage, except in conformity with Meadowview policy, the property, records, services, name, emblem or endorsement of the organizational affiliation of the employee.

4. Publicly utilizes the employee's affiliation with Meadowview, or that of any other Meadowview employee, in connection with personal association with partisan politics, denominationally religious matters or positions on issues that are not in conformity with Foundation policy.

Although it is recognized that conflicts of interest may arise, such conflicts shall not be permitted to adversely influence the decision-making process of MBRS or the individual.  To this end, employees shall promptly report the possible existence of a conflict of interest, for him/herself or any other person subject to MBRS policy, to the President.  Full disclosure of all facts pertinent to any transaction that is subject to doubt concerning the possible existence of a conflict of interest shall be made in writing before consummating the transaction.

Any employee with a conflict of interest shall refrain from any action that may effect MBRSís participation in the transaction with respect to which such conflict exists.

Furthermore, and specifically:

  1. Members of the board shall not personally benefit as a result of their board involvement except for reasonable compensation of services rendered.  The purpose of this provision is to prevent Board members from acting primarily on the basis of financial self-interest and to prevent Meadowview from operating in a manner that favors board members to the detriment of others.

  1. In the event that the board considers an issue that involves the financial relationship between the organization and a member of the board, the Board member will disclose to the Board the financial relationship that the particular Board member has, with respect to the issue.  The Board Member shall refrain from voting on the matter.

  1. Board members who serve as an employee or volunteer in a decision making capacity on behalf of another organization which Meadowview is working with or transacting business with, shall inform the Board President and the Executive Director as to their involvement in the said organization.

  1. It should be mentioned that the Conflict of Interest Policy as enumerated herein applies to a board memberís immediate family as well as themselves.

  1. Staff and their current spouse, if applicable, are restricted from serving as voting members of the Board and former staff members are restricted as voting members for a period of two years from the date of their separation as the staff member of Meadowview.

  1. Staff shall not engage in any outside activity or employment which involves the direct or indirect use of information obtained as an employee which shall provide financial gain to him or herself or a member of his or her immediate family without the express consent of the executive director.  The Executive Director shall not similarly act without the express consent of the President.

Approved by Meadowview Biological Research Stationís Board of Directors on October 11, 2007



Phil Sheridan

Roger Horman

Jim Robinson

Dr. Robert Griesbach (recused)